Mobile Service

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iClinic is the best Apple Service agency in Tampa Bay, and we are Mobile!

Our Apple Certified Technicians will come to you office, school, or home to get your sick Mac back to health right away!

We also have Microsoft Certified Techs on staff for your PC needs.  No job is too big or too small!

  • On Site Desktop and Server Repairs (iMac, Mac Pro, PowerMac, XServe, Mini)
  • On Site Notebook Repairs
  • Training (ProApps and iLife Certified Specialists)
  • Networking (dedicated and mixed networks)
  • New System Setup
  • Home Entertainment System Setup (AppleTV)
  • Just about anything else!


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Call us to make an appointment! 

Call in with any Clinic Car License Plate Number and get your Service Call Fee waived!

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