Lifetime Repair Program


What good is a warranty on a glass repair if the glass breaks again? 

iClinic now offers our lifetime repair program on all iDevice repairs.

Our new lifetime repair program provides on demand lifetime device repairs for most iDevices serviced in our stores for a service fee much lower than the original repair cost.

How does this work?  Lets say you break the screen on your iPhone 4S.  You come to iClinic, anytime - no appointment is ever needed - and we repair it on the spot.  You leave happy and your iPhone is like new again.  Then the unthinkable happens…the glass on the iPhone breaks again!  These are unfortunate circumstances if you had your iPhone repaired anywhere else but if you are an iClinic customer you are COVERED!  Bring your iPhone back to iClinic, anytime - no appointment needed - and we repair it on the spot AGAIN and the only charge is a service fee based on the item being repaired.

All iOS devices are eligible for this program!  iPhones, iPads and iPods.

We stand behind our work at iClinic and we truly value our customers.  If you want the best for your Apple devices there simply is not a better agency than iClinic.

FAQ About The Lifetime Repair Program

Q: How much will it cost?

A: All qualified iDevices are covered at the time of initial service.  Service rates are based on the device and type of repair covered.  Ask your service rep at the time of repair what your re-repair rate will be. Most Re-Repair Services cost about 40-50% less than the initial service. 

Q: Can I buy a Lifetime Repair Program without having a device repaired at iClinic?

A:  No.  Only qualified devices repaired at iClinic are eligible for this program.

Q: I had my iDevice repaired by iClinic before this program started, do I qualify?

A: Yes.  All qualified iOS device repairs performed at iClinic are covered.  The program covers the repair you had performed.

Q: Is the Lifetime Repair Program transferable?

A: No.  iClinic's Lifetime Repair Program only applies to the same unit and same customer as originally serviced.

Q: Is there a qualifying or waiting period?

A: No.  You are eligible for Lifetime Repair Program rates the moment you leave our shop with your serviced iDevice.

Q: Does iClinic charge more for repairs to cover re-repair costs?

A: No.  In fact we are extremely competitive in our repair prices.  iClinic may charge a few dollars more for our high quality OEM parts and service than some of our competitors but we never charge extra or hidden fees for the services we perform.  For instance, we don't charge extra to repair the corners on your iPad. We use only the highest quality, factory direct parts and all repairs come with a one year warranty. Add to this the security of the Lifetime Repair Program and iClinic is clearly the best value for your money.

Q: What if I never break my device again?

A: That's awesome!

Q: What if I break my device every week?

A: No problem!  With your qualifying service, this program was made for you!  There is no limit to the number of times you re-repair your covered iDevice.

Q: How long does coverage last?

A: This program covers qualified iDevices for the life of the device and customer for whom the initial service was performed. All iOS device repairs come with a 1 year warranty against defects as well.

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