Apple Watch Tips



Siri is the best easiest way to launch an app on your Apple Watch – the interface icons are quite small and it is easy to tap the wrong one. So just say “Hey Siri” or hold down the Digital Crown and say, “Open,” or “Launch,” and the name of the App


Glances are quick summaries of information you need. Swipe up on the watch to access them and swipe left or right to move between glances for different apps. Tap a glance to open the app for more information. You can choose which apps offer Glances using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (My Watch>Glances), where you can create the order they appear in and enable or disable them.


Want to take a screenshot of your Apple Watch display? Just press both the side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously. The image will appear in your Photostream or iCloud Photo library on iPhone, iPad or Mac OS X Yosemite Photos App.


Your Watch can also activate VoiceOver or Zoom when you triple-click the Digital Crown. Enable this on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (My Watch>General>Accessibility>Accessibility Shortcut, and choose VoiceOver or Zoom). Siri will also turn VoiceOver on or off with a spoken command.

Force Touch

Try experimenting with ForceTouch in every App. Developers will continue to add features to their Watch Apps.

Here is a good expample:

Force Touch the Music app while a song is playing and Shuffle, Repeat, Source and AirPlay controls appear; tap the latter to choose an AirPlay speaker output.

Mute alerts

You can mute Apple Watch alerts by covering the display with your palm for three seconds, but you must set this up in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. (My Watch>Sounds & Haptics>Cover to Mute). Your watch will let you know mute is enabled with a tap.


Many apps and tasks can’t be completed on the Watch, but the mission will be handed across (Handoff) to your iPhone. Pick up your phone and you’ll see a small icon in the lower left of the display. Awipe this up to finish the task.

Power Reserve

Power Reserve is a low-power mode in which your smartwatch just tells the time. To enable it, press and hold the side button, then slide the Power Reserve slider (the middle option).

Switching apps

Double tapping the Digital Crown is the fastest way to switch between apps. Double tapping a second time returns you to the last thing you were doing.

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